Is Spencer Pratt truly Born-Again? Spencer's Fame is of no Value to Christ.

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Depravity (An Allegorical Poem)

Depravity (An Allegorical Poem)
By: Marcus Pittman


Grab the keys.
In and out of traffic
you weave.
Until the red light.
looked green.


Hit Driver side.
innocent man.
He died.
because of your sin.
its multiplied.


Your lifes in jeopardy.
in order to live.
need heart surgery.
but doctors can't.
you require
a transplant.
current heart is death.


His father stares.
his dead sons heart
signed into your care.
so you can live...
but you don't dare.


The nurse holds tight.
Your future heart.
Now in sight.
your sins killed a man.
his death gives you life.


Every ounce stored
you get out of bed.
and storm out door.
with pride and ego
central to core.


trys to avoid you
as you grab white handle
marked Igloo.
it holds the heart
of the son who died.
whos fathers kindness
allowed him to sign
but you refuse.
the cooler trashed.
against the wall.
the heart is smashed.
your life is done
as you pass out.
just anger fills
the fathers snout.

We are by nature enemies of God who reject the gift of the father even though it's the most kind thing one can do.

Your sins caused the murder of Christ. His death is the only thing that can save you. You need a new heart and the only match is that of Christ which God the father has signed over.

In order to receive it you must humble yourself and repent and trust in Christ who died for wicked men and rose again defeating death.

Don't reject the gift of the father. It's an insult of the highest degree...

Humble yourself and beg God to give you a new heart or you will be punished by the Judge whose son you murdered.


Open Air Buckroe Beach (Sermon on the Mount)

This is me and my friend Rett open air preaching for "Sermon on the Mount" Saturday. Instead of simply reading the scripture we thought it would be neat to Tag-Team preach and read and expound on the text. It allowed us to get the Gospel out every few verses and every few moments. I believe it went really well, would love to have your comments.

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Typography and the Gospel.

Typography - is the art and techniques of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. Type glyphs are created and modified using a variety of illustration techniques.

Here is typography at it's finest.


Preaching Truth to Postmoderns

Last friday night while preaching the gospel Charlottesville, VA I had one of my favorite hecklers return to me.

This is the second time in three weeks I have preached the Gospel in the downtown mall in Charlottesville. This is the second time she has showed up.

Her name is Ryan. She's in eighth grade.

Ryan is the typical middle school girl. She is in love with her own ideas, her own view of the world and she is above anything else incredibly postmodern.

She has the idea that if God is true, then he would be ALL-loving. ALL-forgiving and willing to accept anyone from all faiths. Afterall she is incredibly post-modern.

She really doesn't like us preaching. She hates it. Every time we preach Ryan runs to the CVS and spends her own money on a poster board and writes some messages that are supposed to take some attention away from us. Last week the sign read "Freedom from Religion means Freedom from Decision", this week the signs read "Imagine there's no Heaven, Imagine there's no Hell - John Lennon"

I got to talking to her again this week and she said that I made her cry last week because I told her that holocaust survivors deserve to go to Hell. It amazes me how she wanted to make me look evil by using a trump card to show me the most pitied men in all of time, and how dare I would say that their earthly torture would allow them access to heaven.

After speaking to her some more for awhile I told her to leave.

"Ryan, leave...you hate us, go away!" I told her.

She responded as I knew she would "No!, I'm not done"

I replied "Why don't you leave if you can't stand what were doing, why don't you flee" She didn't say anything.

So I told her "Admit it, there is something deep inside of you that really likes seeing people standing up for what they believe in"

"Yea. I do."

Open Air Preacher. I submit to you that the best way to share the Gospel to those who deny truth is to boldly stand and proclaim it.

You are a mystery to a postmodern world. When you stand in the middle of a busy shopping center, intersection, or street corner and proclaim truth to ears that don't believe in truth...they become as moths to the flame. Completely annoyed, yet strangely attracted, unable to flee from the beautiful glow.

And yes. They hate it. They despise it. But deep down, they want to stand for something. They want to be able to fight for something. It may not be God. It may not even be moral. But God can use their desire for meaning and bring them to awareness of the Truth, the only Truth which is Christ.

So please pray for Ryan. Pray that God will use our stance on God's truth to draw her to himself.


The food of Sheep and Goats.

I think a lot about food.

Recently I heard some preacher or someone mention that churches are doing nothing but feeding the goats. Our churches are buffets filled with goat food.

I thought about that and decided to do some research as to what exactly goats and sheep eat?

Here is what i found from a simple Google search...

"What do Sheep Eat?"
Sheep eat natural greens. They are more picky. Even refusing to drink water that is covered with Scum and Algae.

"What do Goats Eat?"
Goats are a lot less picky, they don't really care to much about what they eat, they chew on everything and likewise can have several digestion problems because of the stuff they chewed on.

I am going to leave it there and let you ponder the sort of food the sheep should eat and what sort of food the Shepard should feed them.

I will not apologize for being a picky sheep with a picky appetite...


The Cowards in the Upper Room

As I was thinking about what to write for Easter, I thought about the Disciples. These men, who followed Christ for three years watching all his miracles, speaking to the God-Man about things we would sell our eyes to hear, and seeing miracles that were to great to be mentioned in the scriptures.

These guys knew more about Christ then we will ever know here on earth. They were willing to follow him for the rest of their lives.

But everything changed when Christ died.

When Christ was the one being mocked, Peter betrayed.
When Christ was placed on public display, the disciples hid.
When Christ was killed, they fled for their lives.

All the disciples hid in a upper room. They were fearful of their lives. Suddenly all the moments with Christ seemed to be a blur as their entire life suddenly became a very dark path with no direction.

These men were average guys from all walks of life. Tax collectors and fisherman. Brothers and sons. They no doubt have heard horror stories of other men who claimed to be the messiah and the consequences for those that followed false prophets.

I don't know what was going on in their minds. I can imagine them sitting around talking trying to figure out he conned them into actually believing that Lazurus really rose from the dead. I can see Thomas trying to explain everything away, while Peter, the outspoken one sat in silence, grieving the death of his best friend.

If the story ended there, these men would be lost in history. They would not so much be a blot on the history of Israel, yet alone the world.

But the story did not end there.

Christ Arose.

The God who died for the Wicked, rose again on the third day, defeating death and giving men a reason to live.

Because Christ arose, these cowards in the room became bold. Not only did this resurrection event change their life, it made them willing to die for it. To be martyred, tortured, persecuted just as Christ was.

Because Christ is alive, we have no reason, nor excuse to coward in the upper room.

He is Alive, and because he is alive we have no excuse to sit around, we have no excuse to not be willing to die for the Gospel should God allow us such an honor.

We are called to take up our cross and follow Him even to the point of death.

It reminds me of the faith of Abraham.

"He considered that God was able even to raise him (Issac) from the dead:"

The belief that God can raise men from the dead should give us the courage to do anything for the sake of the Gospel, not coward in the room.

However, many people today live as if Christ died, cowarding in a room, as if their "faith is futile and they are still in their sins." They have forgotten that Christ can not only raise men from the dead, but he raised himself. 

Your faith is not futile because of the resurrection. You faith is not in vain. Your faith is rooted and strengthened in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because of the resurrection, we should be more bold for our faith, we should be more active in the furthering of the Gospel.

God can raise men from the dead.

So get out there and do as God commanded you. Proclaim the Gospel to all men, in all nations.

You have no reason to fear, your God rules over death.


Here is the fourth part of our ongoing series...American Church Prayers You'll Never Hear

"Dear Lord, may you destroy the pastors concept of time while preaching, so he preaches as long as you wish...lunch can wait."


Today's Church Prayer you'll never hear. #003

This is the third part of our series of short twitter prayers that you will never hear from the pulpits of many american man centered churches...

"Lord if our praise team, or staff becomes an Idol. May they drop dead before us to remind us of our idolatry against you..."

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The incomprehensible humilty of Christ.

Phillipians 2:5-8
Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.

I have been meditating on this verse all week. As Good Friday approaches I have been trying to really grasp what happened on that wooden crucifix two thousand years ago. This is the verse that jumped out. Christ was humbly obedient to the point of death.

I for one struggle with pride. Whether it is in my art, my preaching, my blogs or tweets, I seriously struggle with it. I am aware of it, I gladly accept the rebukes and have been trying to be humble more and more everyday.

The ultimate example of humility comes from Christ and I believe in Heaven when we see God in all his glory, once we stand innocent before God and observe his Wrath being poured out on those who were not benefactors of God's grace, then we will see the true humility of God.

How you ask?

Imagine for a moment someone stabs you with something sharp or burns your skin? Everything within you, all of your God given mechanisms for survival reach a sudden boiling point as you move your hand away and yelp. How hard would it be for you not to make a noise? I would argue that it would be almost impossible.

However, Christ while on earth not only went to the Cross silently, he refused all the desire to be as God. He did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the form of a servant.

Imagine the incalculable amount of humility it took Christ, the God-Man, to refrain from all the powers of God upon the first crack of the whip entering his flesh.

Our instinct would be to run. Our instinct would tell us to fight. But Christ remained.

If I was God, I promise you, before the leather and bones were in motion towards my body. I would have paused time like Hiro Nakamura and destroyed all of the matter in creation.

But thankfully, your salvation is assured because I am not God and because Christ was.

Not only was he humble to the point of death. He was also humble to the point of God's Wrath.

Imagine that moment. Where the Son of God, holds back his righteous and just anger on man for crucifying him and then in a trinitarian mystery pours it out on himself, his Son.

Christ was humble beyond our wildest imaginations.

But God was angry beyond our wildest imaginations, and in Isaiah 53 we see he was pleased to Crush his son.

Justice was served. The just wrath which prideful men deserved was placed on Christ and it successfully paid the fine for my sin and others...on that Cross, It was finished.

I thank God this week as I reflect on Christ's death and resurrection that the Wrath of God was poured out on Christ because of His humility and His kindness.

All of my pride was placed on the humble Christ.

He became Sin.

So I can come to him.

Soli Deo Gloria.


Transplant Radio #007 - Jon Speed of Lost Cause Ministries

Join us as we hear the testimony of Jon Speed author of the book "Evangelism in the New Testament" and hear his amazing testimony of being a false convert...while being a pastor. We will discuss his book and how it gives a biblical defense of street evangelism as seen in the New Testament.

You can buy Jon Speeds book here

You can download the episode here!


Prayers that the American Church will not pray!

I have decided to write a daily short prayer for churches...These are prayers that you will not hear from the pulpit in many Churches across America. These prayers are completely trusting in the Sovereignty of God, and deny a man centered Gospel.

Oh also most of the are very short and to the point, preferably short enough for twitter. (Speaking of Twitter, you can follow me here...@LawGrace)

With that out of the way. Here is the first prayer...

"Dear God, I pray for our Street Evangelist..."

Transplant Radio now on iTunes!

I am very excited to announce that Transplant Radio is now available on iTunes! This is the best way to download the show automatically and to keep updated. It also makes the show more accessible to the public and I hope that people listen to the show who are not saved, here the Gospel, repent and place their Trust in Christ.

Please download the show on iTunes as this increases the Transplant Radio's popularity and general presence on iTunes. Also please rate and review the show on their website.

To view the Podcast on iTunes...Search for Transplant Radio in the iTunes store or Click HERE

Prayers you wll never hear #002

"Dear Lord, if our building ever becomes an idol please burn it down..."



I have come to the conclusion...

that men will fight for men who Blaspheme God far quicker then they will fight for the God who is Blasphemed.


You God is under attack. Yes he can defend himself, No, he does not need your help. 

But he has commanded you to go to War for him....

Will you coward behind the pulpits? Or will you march on the front lines?

Who are you willing to die for?